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XMON Micro controller serial port debugger variable view realtime curve tracer

XMON screen shoot.

Features avail now:
Fetch variables from microcontroller
Realtime curve draw, auto scaling or min/max
Send data/string back to you microcontroller development
Com port and baud rate fast and easy selectable
STOP/Aquire, when stopped the COM port is free to use by other program
Handle: integers, signed and unsigned, long, floating point.
Easy to "talk" to XMON with simple serial commands from microcontrollers.
This is the tool we normally use to monitor filters and analog values and debug our code.

XMON21a.ZIP Windows executeable and doc, now with ARDUINO example working code
xmon21a-doc.txt only the doc
Version 2.2 is now released for alpha tests, it is inside the ZIP also. better handeling of com ports with hight numbers.
((known bugs in 2.2 : send string and auto send, now not working))

This page last updated: Oct 2015
The zip or doc last updated: oct 2015

comparing two analog ports, one have a bit more noise.

The Idea and suggestions for next versions
1: Small/Big button, so the plot can be bigger and possible to add much more VIEWS
2: View values with, Peak max, Peak min, avarage and zero (in the big screen version)
3: Vies values handle hex and strings
4: BER counter calculator so wireless serial connections can be performance tested
5: Pakage speed/quality indicator, with good/bad pakages indicated
6: Noise filter to plot curve, Live - Filter10 - Filter100
7: Labels to View values send from microcontroller (in big screen version)
8: Handshake codes, so MCU know when PC is ready for new curve.
9: Bargraph / dot / line mode (we have only line mode now)

New features add will depend on the contributions we receive from users,
all money received will be put into features and bug fixing and futher development of this
so please read the doc and pay a few $ if you use and like this, (your own choise to do so or not)

Known bugs in the latest version avaiable
1: if you send a new curve faster than it takes to draw the pervious curve, sometimes it will be chopped
this is only a problem with fast baud rate and slow pc, combined with many points on the curve.

Using a FAST microcontroller with FAST ADC you can easyly make a multi channel scope handling even MHz