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Speaking Talking RC Timer

You know the problem ? have an old RC transmitter with no timer function at all ?
You fly, and have fun, and forget the time ? plane runs out of fuel/power ? bang crash or long walk ?

This speaking timer can also be used inside modern RC transmitters to impress your friends,
and at the same time it helps you keep your eyes in the air while you constantly know the flying time.

This speaking talking minute timer, says the flying time in a loud and clear voice every minute,
starting with a beep and 0.5 sek delay and then the minute passed, the beep is made nice short, just to get your attention.
The pushbutton acts as a toogle function, if the timer is running, it will stop it, if it is stopped it will start it.
At first it says: "Beep - Start" to indicate start from zero, one minute later it says: "Beep - One" and so on.
When stopped it says: "Stop" simple and easy.

The hardware is quite small and simple, the 26x26mm board can be installed inside any transmitter.
You need to find a 5V supply available, or add a 7805 5V regulator (not included) if your transmitter dont have 5V internally.
Some minor electronic skills are needed to install it. however the board is assembled and programmed and tested.

Here is a closeup of the board, Connections: S=Speaker  +=the positive supply 4.5 to 5.5V, K=the pushbutton switch hot part, the other side of the switch goes to ground,
P=not used yet, A=not used yet. The pads in the upper left corner are the programming and serial port, dont connect any thing here.

Here seen together with two of my fingers, to indicate the little size.

Installation in RC Transmitter.

Print out some nice accurate dots, could be like mine, or what ever you want.
cut out and mark with a needle, carefully drill up with bigger and bigger drills to make it most accurate.

Glue the speaker with cyano or heat-melt glue.

See it almost look proffesional if you are lucky with the drilling.

The board on this picture is an old prototype, using a cut-off board piece, yours will look much better.

Now this good old transmitter is ready to fly, and will get alot of attention and respect out there :-)

Latest news January 2007, now ready to ship with either: Danish, English, or German woman voice
Here are a few recordings made using a microphone so this is ACTUAL sound from this device.
All 3 recordings are the German version, the others have similar sound and quality:
German-recording-0-14.mp3 1.4mb
German-recording-19-31.mp3 1.1mb
German-recording-50-60.mp3 1.0mb
all-numbers-english.wav 114 kb we found this sample somewhere on the net
The German version uses slightly longer samples, so it can only count up to 59 minutes
After that time she says: Alarm to inform you the timer needs stop and start again
The other versions has a max limits of 65535 minutes before wrap around.

Made by OZ5DZL and OZ2CPU, November 2006 - Jan 2007