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MY little Radio Control page - X-Twin RC plane transmitter code info and modification
X-Twin Night light LED modification

Believe it !! this little 20gram plane, can carry 4 powerfull LED, and light up, so you can fly in the mittle of the night !

it was fun to figure out how to connect the LED's
and how to do it as smart and light as possible, we used SMD resistors, and 0.2mm cu wires
Total weight increased with 0.9gr, from 19.6 to 20.5gr

The white LED's need more voltage about 3V, but it works fine with 12 Ohm series resistor
The green LED's are mounted so half of them sticks out to be visible from wider angles

all other LED's are normal 2V types, so we used 39 Ohm in series with each

Right Green LED and RED back light are connected to right motor

Left Green LED and Front white light are powered from left motor.
so when landing or powering off the motors, the light goes off..

xtwinnight.wmv 3.8MB video clip

3rd July 2006 Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU - and OZ5DZL Nikolaj Møbius dzl.dk