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Com Mail serial com port EMAIL sender tool, URL deliver data tool, ThingSpeak

screen shoot.

VERY simple program to look at, just hit test mail, to see if your email settings in the INI file are all ok.
you dont need to configure the email section in the ini file, in case you only use the URL deliver data mode for ThingSpeak.com or any similar service

Here is how it all works. for a wired solution, RS232 could actually be the good old DB9 connector and MAX232 IC, but today more likely FTDI232 and USB
the smart thing about the USB to serial converter is you can also power supply it all from the pc.
All you need is one Arduino or similar construction and a bunch of sensors, what ever you want to measure

ComMailDistribution2.zip Windows executeable and doc
ComMailHowToUse.txt only the doc

This page was updated: Dec 3 2015, added URL deliver option for Thingspeak or similar.

New features add will depend on the contributions we receive from users,
all money received will be put into features and bug fixing and futher development of this
so please read the doc and pay a few $ if you use and like this, (your own choise to do so or not)


Here is an idea about how to make the sensors wireless, each sensor got their own 3.6V cell, the receiver is powered from the USB to serial converter
Each sensor use sleep feature, wake up take measurements, pack data with sensor number, variable number and value and checksum, then send data via radio, sleep again.
this way the active time is 40-60mS every 8 sec, this means battery will last many years.

Receiver side : running full speed, scanning radio data for lead ind, sensor data, and good checksum, if ok, then update internal variables, and setup scheduler for data delivery to PC
some systems like ThingSpeak can not handle data too much or too fast, so better send as little as needed

Prototype Hardware:

I use an AVR Tiny 84 for the sensors, since my radio protocol is own design, not RS232 !! I made it so each pulse and each delay is data information,
and each '1' og '0' is send as a 2:1 time difference, this means the transmitter and receiver side can be close to 50% off in clock speed
perfect for internal oscilators and very large variations of battery voltage.
This sensor simply measure:
Temperature using one external LM60 sensor for my Aquarium
Conductivity on the floor, incase water is leaking I like to know about it as fast as possible.
Battery Voltage, so I know in good time when to recharge

The receiver side (very erly version prototype) uses AVR MEGA 168 and crystal, board is from the junkyard = 0$
a crystal is needed to be able to handle serial to the pc within timing specs

See this wireless sensor system in action here.