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Homemade watercooling, tests results

CPU test result

Before: CPU motherboard sensor = 45C and 53C case open and closed,
With watercooling the CPU motherboard sensor = 35C with water temp @ 23C
The CPU waterblock is 24C
See constructions details

Motherboard Chipset test result

The first test was made on the chipset watercooling block with temperature sensor.
After mounting of this water block and temp sensor, I have measured it's temperatures:
With no water hoses connected at all: 35-37C open case
With 1l/m flow of 23C water: the chipsetblock is 23C
See constructions details

GFX Card test result

Before: Case open = 44C, Case closed = 48C.
After: Water @ 23C gives GFX = 39C
Sensor placed at rear side to measure highest possible temperature.
See constructions details

Harddisks test result

The first test on
the double harddisk cooler was also verry satisfing.
I turned powerdown off, then used both disks for 3 hr, then they reached 45C (Fell really hot !)
Then I started the waterpump with a few liters of 23C water,
after some time the harddisks stabilized at 30C (that almost feel cold !!)
the water ended at 25C, the room temperature was about 21-22C.
Both harddisks uses 13W = 26W total power. So heatsink perform 0.19 C/W Impressive !!
A normal alu Heatsink huge size 300 x 300 x 40 mm perform only 0.28 C/W
When the system was complete, I added some white heat transfer compound to this watercooler.
Results now: Harddisk temp = 24C, water temp = 23C.

See constructions details

Powersupply test result

Since the sensor is mounted directly on the 5V retifier, the PSU temp reading will be rather high,
I mounted the sensor a long time before modding it to watercooling, so I could get good before-after results.
Before watercooling: closed case thie diode could reach 68C but with case open only 60C
This is a result of too low air flow, inside the case and PSU. The fan was running full speed, making alot of noise
Watercooling and NO FAN: the PSU diode is 24C higher than water temp. water @ 26C the diode = 50C
The copper is only 3 degree hotter than water, so why is diode temp so high ?
The power this diode waste is huge, most of all loss in the intire PSU is done in this diode,
and the heat transfer to copper is done with a bit of loss, that is why.
But: the big output coil placed close to the sensor is also hot !
heat from that coil is transfered directly to the sensor giving a wrong high temperature reading
I have tried to add a 80mm fan at 5V just outside the PSU, now the PSU sensor reads 45C
I will soon add watercooling the that coil also.. I dont like fans..
See constructions details

RADIATOR test results

Please see the Radiator 2 page

Old non watercooled system.

No water installed temperatures, PC case open one side:
CPU motherboard sensor = 45 C
SYS motherboard sensor = 25 C
Chip set = 36 C
GFX GPU = 44 C
Harddisk = 39 C, mounted in case the normal way
PSU 5V Diode = 60 C
Casetop lid = 24 C

No water installed temperatures, PC case closed:
CPU motherboard sensor = 53 C
SYS motherboard sensor = 28 C
Chip set = 45 C
GFX GPU = 48 C
Harddisk = 41 C, mounted in case the normal way
PSU 5V Diode = 68 C
Casetop lid = 26 C

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