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PIC16 DemoKit3 with programmer and displays

I have made 3 versions of my famous PIC16 demokit so far

DemoKit1 Dec 2000

DemoKit2 May 2002, PCB measures 120x55mm

DemoKit3 Jan 2005, PCB measures 148x55mm, a bit more including the connectors.

DemoKit3 Features:
Parallel port AN589 programmer with 5V powersupply, will program Any PIC and 30 other programmable Ic's
CUT zone so programmer can be used/re-used for other projects later.
Serial level converter so the PIC serial can be connected to a PC,
CUT zone so serial converter can be used/re-used for other projects later.
The DemoKit3 has 3 different displays, you can mount 8 LEDs or 4 LED seven segments or one LCD display.
Two push buttons for easy inputs, and two analog inputs via potentiometers.
A plug for easy connection to an RC-Servo.
Any Microchip PIC16 to PIC18 with 28 PINS will work in this kit (but not dsPIC)

This latest version 3 PCB will be available in the beginning of 2005 !
There will be a limited number of them so be fast.
Orders to Denmark 1 units min
Orders to world 5 units min
Price: real value of PCB + postage.
Conntact me to hear more and check if available.

Schematic: print3schematic.pdf NEW UPDATED !! 22 jan 2005 !!

Layout Large: print3layout.gif

Part List: print3bom.txt NEW UPDATED !! 22 jan 2005 !! C4 and C10 changed

As usual I will hold training courses to get people kick-started,
I have made a CD with all you need of documentation, PC programs, installation guide,
Programming examples, and much much more.

I got so many translate requests for some of my online pages that was written in Danish.
so now all online pages I make, will be in English. Anyway all people in Denmark understand English.
I encourage all other not native English speaking people to do the same,
it is good training for you, and now the whole world will enjoy your work :-)


Links, people that are using my kits have been sending me:

Assembly and testing at OZ7AMG 10 Feb 2005


Files, people that are using my kits have been sending me:
none yet.. stay tuned..

FEB. 2005. OZ2CPU Thomas Scherrer