137 Khz CW transmitter

This is the TX freq logic, using a 27Mhz CB xtal and dividers to generate the 136 Khz
The 27.407 Mhz is divides by 2 and then later by 10 in two 7493 counters
then the 1.37035Mhz is feed into a 4017 decade counter, this one divide the freq by 10 again,
Now the output freq is 137.035 Khz, the smart thing about the 4017 is that I can use the 10 outputs to generate the two outputs to my push-pull stage
Depending on how meny outputs used the pulse width can also be controlled.
The two times 2 outputs is buffered in the 4093 and fed into a transistor push-pull stage, that can source and sink big time for the power fets.
The small plug is for my favorite CW key

The power section is a FET push-pull and a transformer