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Antenna and Station at work

yes lucky me !! I have access to this 18meter tall tower, with elevator and pan/tilt system fully computer controlled and even remote controllable.
I have planned to install quite a few radio amateur antennas, and radio equipment so I can DX on a few bands here from work.
We are a few Radio amateurs that work here, so several people can have fun using this system after normal work hrs.

The main tower part is 18.3m tall over the ground, top piece can be changed to a much longer in a few minutes
the ground is 46 meters over sea level, top of antenna is 46+16+6=70 meters ASL

This large tower is easy to see from a plane !

Antennas to be installed:
HF BEAM 2 elements, 10m, 17m, 20m band, Hi-Gain TH2 older model, slightly modified and improved, 5.5dB gain
VHF BEAM 9 elements, 2m band unknown brand, 10dB gain
UHF BEAM 70cm band planned..
SHF BEAM 12cm band planned..

Pan/Tilt motor, all units of this installation is designed to handle 800 kg

Pan/Tilt motor

Warning sign, and back side of pan-tilt motor system

From ground looking up

Elevator motor and wire system

Elevator power box

Elevator controll internal and external

Pan/Tilt controller with computer interface

Pan/Tilt controller with computer interface