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The Quartro-Copter, four bladed helicopter

I got the idea to try to make my own after looking at the dragon flyer and the price range

Four GWS motors with gear 6.6:1 EPS-100C-D, weight 56 gram each. (90x4=360 DKR)
Two left and two right turning propellars. (68x4=272 DKR)
2mx3mm and 1mx4mm round carbon fibre sticks and tubes. (28+28+65=101 DKR)
Four homemade 10A speed regulators only one with BEC (200 DKR)
Lipo battery pack 4 x 1000mAh (4x50=200 DKR)
Reciever Jeti Rex5 and crystal (250 DKR)
Total money spend so far about = 1383 DKR

This holder thing is made using a 20x20x30mm POM brick, weight 14 gram

All motors are made to fit onto a 10x10mm stick, so I made a plastic brick with a hole and 4mm thread.

The 4 long sticks can be cut much shorter, I will do that later when I have learned to fly this thing.
size from motor to motor = 57cm, weight about 300 gram.

This set of WAY to small propellars can not lift it !!
so right now I am trying the make my own props.. I will double the size

more pictures and more info later..

Transmitter programming info

Each motor is connected to a seperate speed controller that is connected to a radio servo channel.
Propellar 1 end 3 turns CCV, while 2 and 4 turns CV.
4 new user defined mixers controll the 4 channels, so the result will be Tail Nick Roll Pitch like any normal helicopter
The Pitch (Trutle) stick has 93% influence on all 4 channels.
The Tail stick has 10% influence on all 4 channels, 2 of them inverted.
The Nick stick has 15% influence on 1 and 3, one is inverted.
The Roll stick has 15% influence on 2 and 4, one is inverted.

The 4 homemade motor speed regulators.

Only one has BEC to supply the RX and the 3 other regulators.

one FET on each regulator is more than enough. The motors only draw 1-2A at 8V