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Homemade AAA Battery Pack

The motivation to make your own battery pack could be:
Need special design that fits in special homemade designed plane ?
Just got some single cells cheap ?
Battery packs are often more expensive compared to the number of single cells.

You need some cells, heatshrink tube, cable, tabe, connectors.

The idea is to make it a little bit flexible, so nothing is broken when gets extreme G force :-)
This is done by using 1.5cm wires soldered to each battery end, then they are folded into a straight line.

They are taped together two and two, that will make the pack stable later and make it easy to solder now.

One end wires are soldered like this, use sandpaper or knife to scratch the places where you entend to solder
use as verry hot soldering iron, solder verry short time on each cell, more than one sec = maybe dead cell !!

Other end is soldered like this, be carefull not to short circuit !! it will give quite impressive sparks and maybe damage some cells !

Nice little handy 8 x AAA NiMh pack, weight = 119 grames.
To make it look super nice and add more weight a bigger heatshrinking tube could be placed all over the pack.

When soldering cables to the famale connector part, remember to plug it into the male part,
that will hold each female connector part right in place.

dont forget to place red and black heatshrinking tube over the wires BEFORE soldering.

Now it is safe to put in your pocket and avoid dangerous burning situations if shorted.