Aspach tour 2007 sep 15-16 VIDEO CLIPS FROM MY PLANES

Aspach-SAT-Morning-Test-Stick-320x240divx.avi 71MB
Saturday, 2m stick 2kw motor, erly test flight before people showed up

Aspach-SAT-Show-Stick-GPS-disabled-320x240divx.avi 49MB
Saturday, 2m stick 2kw motor, at the show 3000 prople was looking, GPS disabled due to wire/connector defect in that plane, I had no soldering iron to fix it.

Aspach-SAT-SecondFlight-Wing-320x240divx.avi 64MB
Saturday, 120cm wing, 300w motor, test flight with GPS running.

Aspach-SUN-Show-Wing-320x240divx.avi 39MB
Sunday at the show, 120cm wing was used, this day MANY more people showed up and filled up all parking areas later when we left !

I know you see noise and drop-outs on those recordings, this is not normal with the equipment I use.
reason: receiver inside tent, many metal parts and metal wires in the roof of the tent,
many people in the direct way of radio signals when flying low, and people standing right next to receiver with cell phones transmitting also made some stribes.
with an outdoor mounted receiver with more direct view of the plane, the video feed wil be fine and clear with 500mW systems from or from for an example, up to 1-3km.
if more range is needed use bigger antenna and/or more power.

The OSD "On Screen Display" is from

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