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Flight Check List

RC plane Check list, and maintanence list.

To be performed before EACH flight.

1 Batteries fully charged, or at lest contain a known state

2 if Fuel is used, check level and type is correct

3 all moving rudder surfaces are able to move, while loaded

4 all servo joints are good, push and pull with force also side ways

5 all items mounted stable and sequre, push pull any object and part, also propellar, motor, landing gear

6 all wires and connectors mounted all the way in, and nothing is loose or weak

7 antennas are in good contidion

8 right model memory used, all sticks and control surfaces do the right thing and direction.

9 leave cell phone in car, or power it off if in pocket

10 landing and fly area inspected, wind direction checked and wind peaks within skill level


Other advices and checks, performed regularly

check range result is un affected by any other equipment turned on/off, each month
and offcourse each time new items are added to existing plane.

check range is still good and same results, each week

check all batteries are still performing with same capacity as normal, each month

check RC unit battery compartment is nice and clean, remove battery if not active over the winter

newer use spring loaded battery connections

newer use power switches with easy moveing force or too poor (cheap) quality for RC planes

free hanging wire antennas tend to suffer from metal fatique until broken inside, change wire each year
even if it looks and feel like ok.


Thomas OZ2CPU, April 2010