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Crash page of my own stupid mind

done April 2009, I was stupid to try to land in a bad area
Lessen learned: inspect landing area

Crash 009 done 31st July 2004, motor stoped and I was stupid to try to turn too sharp back to the field
BANG ups there was the grass a bit too erly than expected :-)
Lessen learned: it is MUCH better to walk a long way and land in something soft with the right angle of the plane

Crash 008 done 1st Jan 2004, First flight ! motor just died and shortcircuit the regulator that also melted the power cord soldering,
Result = no powersupply to RX so chicken went straight into the ground, KABOOM !
Before that I had 20 sec of flying fun, it was a really good plane, so I repaired it !

Crash 007 done 6th dec 2003. lost sight in hard wind, tried to return 2 times. but impossible..
Landed 2km away, lucky we found it, only propellar broken and carburetor adjust screw missing.

Crash 006, not really a crash, but my nice little yellow glow motor plane normally stops the propellar in horisontal position,
that did not happen this day so I could only land and brake the propellar.. damn I did not have a spare one.. end of that day.

Crash 005, A nice landing directly into a little tree ! lucky nothing happend to the plane, except minor scratches on the wing
I learned that flying at low altitude at a terrain you dont know can be risky.

Crash 004, Making loops at high speed can pull away the wing if the rubberbands are not strong enought.
Repaired using epoxy and 15 minutes later I was flying again.

Crash 003, ultra light Depron planes can not handle 6ms wind !
Good luck the battery was mounted using rubber bands, and to prop was mounted using prop saver.

Crash 002, landed directly on the prop.

Crash 001, just a weak side wind and bang.