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Dara20 construction pictures

one day is defined as a few hours a day each week, when I get the time to visit my club.
Some days most of the time is spend talking with club members, so those days progress is kinda slow :-)

DAY 0, still in the box.







Servo hole cutting and mounting using glue.


When you glue a servo into a wing, make sure the glue can not come inside servo,
else you have to spend one more servo and waste one more day on this. (SHIT)


Now the servo is mounted right, the piano wire and adjusable joint was mounted.

Here the ailerons sanding and covering.


Now half of the wing is covered, 2hr later.. what a job..

DAY 10

With the right tools available it was fast and easy to make the special holes for the hatches.

wing is covered, Ailerons and hatches ready for glue.

DAY 11

To cover small items it is more easy to get a good result if the ends are made first.

The holes for the hight rudder hatches are drilled with 1mm first.

DAY 12

Tele part now ready.

DAY 13

Making the cockpit fit was easy. just cut and fine tune with sandpaper.

The curve that needs to fit exactly over the wing, needs extra care.

Just placing all together wow it looks like it is almost ready..

The motor is a SP600 size light weight racing type from GM-RACING, it draws 23A at 8V with a 8x6 Graupner folding prop.
The contacts are cooled at handle that current without over heating

DAY 14

Hight rudder servo mounting was solved this way, to generate least wind resistance.

The servo was easy to place just hanging in the wire sliding inside the fuselage.

DAY 15

To mount the motor I figured I needed some plywood, I used 3mm 5 layer plywood from Graupner.

An easy way to make it round was to mount it on a handdrilling machine and press it on some sandpaper

I found a way to see when the plywood part was glued and placed exactly in center using a transparent plactic plate to hold it.

Now all parts that need special polyester glue is done.. all I can do is wait..

DAY 16

I used one of my old homemade regulators, it was modified with more fets in parallel to handle the huge peak currents.

I tested the regulator and RX before installing, I have also modified the BEC to give 5.5 V instead og 4.8 V, for faster servos

See how well the spinner size fits the fuselage !! is that pure luck or what ??

Note the two battery plugs, I will use two battery packs in parallel, so I can use the battery size I have avalable.

I am verry happy about the servo mounting.

DAY 17

After some test runs with the motor, I found out I needed air cooling holes.

I hope this is enought, else I can make more holes on the sides, but not at the bottom.

The front side of the wing is now in place, I have been carefull about acurate drilling and gluing.

DAY 18

wing front wood pin mounting closeup.

I like to mill away plywood to cut down weight

With wing placed right I drilled a thin hole. The edge part of wing is balsa so it needs to be improved.

After adding 2mm plywood I hope it will be strong enough

I had to drill a hole for the servo extension cable.

DAY 19

Using only 11cm long and 1mm thigk piano wire was too soft.
So I used a 3mm carbon stick to make it perfect strong and light, the piano wires was sanded before gluing into the carbon stick.

first I mounted a 3mm metal screw into the wood plate and painted it black with a pen, then I could mark the fuselage where to drill the hole.

Now the cockpit fits fine and is hold in place at the rear side of it.

Instead of using a metal screw I glued a 3mm carbon stik into the wood.

To save weight I milled holes with a hand drilling machine and a razor sharp milling tap.

To hold the cockpit in the front side I glued some plywood to the wing, and maked a thread for a light weight nylon screw.

Now the cockpit is easy to mound. I have also added one more small brick of plywood and made a 5 mm thread for the M5 nylon screw that holds the wing.

The battery mounting was a bit tricky, I mounted some balsa to hold them in center, I will have to use some foam on top to hold them down.

DAY 20

To be sure the hatches can not fall out, I have secured them with thin brass pins from LED's

I placed the pins, cut them and glued them using Cyanocrylate, then I leveled them so they are not sharp.

Here is the complete plane ready for flight.


Today my Dara20 was in the air for the first time, WOW it flys perfect even at idle motor speed !
this gives me more then 15 minutes even with NIMH. At full power it is TOO FAST for me.. I will have to practise.
I had to use EXPO else it was too crasy to control.

dara2107.avi 638kb flying around, right click and save
dara2108.avi 643kb flying around, right click and save
dara2109.avi 169kb crap landing but ok, right click and save