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Depron Wing

You need a lot of space.

Be carefull when cutting out all the wing ribs, I use 8 so I get extra crash protection :-)
Others that know how to fly and land safe, can use 3-4 ribs.

if you want/need to save 3-6 grames more, you can cut out holes in the ribs (Claus Urbach)

I just draw 10 deep lines using a pen, so the Depron plate can be bend without cracking.

The lines are about halve the plate deep 1.5 - 2 mm. distance = 1.5cm.
Next time I will draw 20 lines, using 7mm distance, to improve the bending.
Also I think using a Pizza cutter will give better results..

In the mittle I mounted a foam piece, this will hold one mini servo later.
I found the center, then I made a mark at 5, 11, 11, cm so I knew where to add glue later.

After gluing and bending I just took whatever closest to me to hold it for a while.
This wing weight = 65 Grames, Spanwidth = 80 cm, Length = 25, Thickness max = 6 cm

This parkpilot wing weight 75 Grames, I have tried to let them both fall down from 2m height;
the Depron wing falls at almost double the time !!, so more area and less weight is important
when you want to design a plane that can fly slow and save battery power :-)

The Ailerons is 33 x 6 cm, made of two 3mm Depron layers glued into one piece.
The hatches are just transparent plastic tape, all the way from both sides.

The hole for the C141 servo is 2 x 1 cm, note the hole fits perfectly into the white foam inside.

At the inside edge of both ailerons I glued two small pieces of thin plastic using epoxy,
two long piano wires will connect to this point from each side of the servo.
The red markings indicate that here are ribs inside, I will offcourse mount the rubberbands here later.

Servo is covered with tape before adding epoxy, if I later need the servo for another project it is easy to save it.
The small balsa wood is to make the servo mounting more strong.
I will glue small balsa pieces onto the red mounting marks to make it much stronger.

Complete wing all included = 100 Grames..A bit more than expected. But still fine, I hoped for 90 grames.

video clip Quicktime 800kb See how fast and good it works, incl transmitter stick movement