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DC Motor speed regulator BRAKE

Updated August 12th. 2003.

Here is the brake add on board.
R1 = 10k 0850
R2 = 1k 0805
R3 = 10k 0805
Q1 = BC847 or any other SOT-23 NPN
Q2 = IRF9530 or any other TO-220 P-FET

This brake add on board was made so I can use the ESC2B regulator for my RC CAR.
it is also usefull on some planes that use a folding propellar.

Board with all parts, this board uses cheap single layer copper.

Closeup of the add-on board mounted on top of a regulator used in a modified toy RC car.

Here is my modified toy car.

How it works
The brake signal from IC1 pin6 goes hi when thruttle is under zero
Q1 NPN transistor invert and controll the power P-FET Q2,
so it will short circuit the motor, now all EMF power will be used to brake the motor revolutions.
The car I have really brakes super powerfull, I can make "handbrake" turns at fast speed, looks cool.
The braking power can be decreased by inserting a resistor in series with Q2 pin 2, if your brake is too powerfull.

Made august 2003, Thomas Scherrer.