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Enrichpower 2/3A 1500mAh NIMH measurement results

The cells was easy to solder, You can improve the solderings abit if you use sandpaper as usual.

Schulze ISL6-330d used slightly modified for 10A
All charge cycles was made using 2A
Same battery pack was used, 6 cells in series, here we go:

Charge 100mA 20hr, prep brand new cells. (10 Feb 2007)
Discharge at 1A = 1382mAh, 1280mAh to 7V and additional 102mAh to 6V
Discharge at 1A = 1359mAh, 1271mAh to 7V and additional 88mAh to 6V
Discharge at 10A = 1400mAh to 1V pr cell
Discharge at 10A = 1360mAh to 1V pr cell

here is a 10A discharge curve, the current and the mAh are x 10

See all 3 packs on same curve, normalized to one cell. ep1500-el1500-ib1400.xls download the EXEL sheet if you like

-Thomas Scherrer, OZ2CPU, Feb 2007-