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EVO trainer wireless

A unmodufied 40MHz AM transmitter with a NE5044 controller IC was used in this example.

Adding a 40MHz AM reciever into the Master EVO 35MHz Transmitter

The reciever from top only a few components, note the BEC regulator.

The bottom side, it was easy to locate the PPM signal just before the decoder chip to the servos

The Royal EVO 9 transmitter.

All the noise generating digital parts was covered with tape.

On top of the tape some copper shilding was added, and soldered to ground.

Over the copper shilding more isolating tape was added

The white wire is the PPM signal

The PPM signal is inverted using a N-FET, pin 2 is powersupply after the EVO switch, red wire
The inverted PPM signal from the FET goes into pin 4

The reciever is mounted using double sided tape, note the antenna is made as bad as possible on purpose.
The student transmitter must be in a 50meter range.

Ready done ! battery back in place.

How to set up the EVO software

Settings - Trainer:

Here you assign each EVO input to a trainer output when enabled.
Use the REV/CLR button to invert an input, indicated with the arrow.

The channels transmitted from trainer is defined as channel 1 first then 2 and 3 and so on.
Here all 3 channels are at center position = 1.6mS each pulse time.

You can make the trainer controll ailerons and elevator only if you like.
The Evo will even trim and remember trims on the trainer !
The EVO switch is intelegent, so it automaticly switches trainer off if cable falls out.

Remember the Servo - Monitor only works with trainer signals, if EVO is in RF transmit mode !
Note the servo center positions in normal mode, then switch trainer on, and adjust the trainer transmitters trims to exactly the same numbers on the EVO.
then never move the trainer trims from that day !! the evo will trim the trainer also and save it digitally.
more info in the Royal Evo Manual at page 92 and page 93