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My field box

To be honest I purcased all the woodparts as a kit, I wanted to save time.

Lucky my ! one of the plates was missing so I had to visit the model shop again.

Another plate was cut ugly and did not fit properly, so I had to make my own.

The assembly was fast and simple, I changed a few details about the powerpanel mounting plate.

Paint - varnish, more paint and more varnish, until I liked the result (This picture taken after first paint layer)

Adding the soft part from some velco tape on each side, was super to secure the drawer.

Plenty of room for a larger battery if needed, I secured it using EPP plates.

The very large starter motor I have fits perfectly !

Adding the plane holders was a little bit of a problem, the total height of the Fieldbox must be under 46 cm,
else it can not stand up in my trunk, so I had to discard the original ones to the right, and make my own.

Now it is alot lower and much better to be adjusted becorse I have milled a more accurate track

I will replace the M5 bolts with finger types, the nuts are glued to the back side using araldite.

See what I found cheap at the local Harald-Nyborg marked. A Perfet way to hold the metanol bottle.
The ends was melted after cutting and glued using epoxy, one screw is fine at each end.

Thomas Scherrer July 2004