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My homemade powerpanel

The alu plate with some of the parts, the meter is a signal strength meter from an old radio I guess,
It has the right size and 0 to 5 indications with numbers, I keep old stuff I rip out so now I can re-use it.

A scan of my alu plate, so I can make one more another day if I need it.

The GLOW module is offcourse also homemade.

note the two forst power resistors for the chargers, I have added extra heatsink.

From the side you can almost see all 6 power resistors for the chargers.

It was hard to place all the labels almost straight, the push button to activate the pump is lit when pressed.

The schematic is simple, the adjustments for the meter readout was made using normal resistors,
The current readout for the glow module was the most difficult, since it is PWM the meter did not react like a DC current,
so I applied 3A of DC current to a glow plug and noted the glow level, then I adjusted the glowdriver PWM for exactly the same glow level,
Then I could adjust the resistor for the glow current readout.

Thomas Scherrer, July 2004