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Intellect 1200 NIMH measurements

The cells was easy to solder, I did not even have to use sandpaper as usual.

Looks good.

Schulze ISL6-330d used slightly modified for 10A
All charge cycles was made using 2A
Same battery pack was used, 8 cells in series, here we go:

0 Charge 100mA 20hr, prep brand new cells.
1 Discharge 1A = 1020mAh
2 Charge 2A = 1229mAh
3 Discharge 1A = 1133mAh
4 Charge 2A = 1278mAh
5 Discharge 1A = 1169mAh
6 Charge 2A = 1270mAh
7 cool down 2hr
8 Discharge 10A = 950mAh, and then 190mAh more (total 1140mAh @ 10A) see curve 8
9 Charge 2A = 1211mAh
10 Discharge 10A = 1070mAh, and then 110mAh more (total 1081mAh @ 10A) see curve 10

Curve 8. started with 25C (cold cells) Amp and mAh x 10

Curve 10. Started with 40C (hot cells) Amp and mAh x 10

KAN1050=175gr, GP1100=180gr, Intellect1200=180gr
the KAN pack is a few mm longer, else same size and weight.

If you consider using Intellect 1200 ?? I recommend using Intellect 1400 with slightly more flight time.