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Fast Easy Cheap Depron plane for kids

Here is what you need, all measurements in cm, but none of it is critical. Plate is 0.3 cm thick.

Just use UHU-POR to glue it all together like this, the tale part is placed in the center position.

It is good to teach kids how balancing is done, and also what happens to flying.
First picture too little weight in the nose, secound picture almost there..

we used what ever small metal parts we could find, I guess small coins will work, but they must be small.

Download video: testing-indoor2.avi 600kb me and michell testing
Download video: testing-indoor3.avi 176kb good catch by little brother while eating
Download video: testing-indoor4.avi 100kb if you say try to hit me.. they will..

The plane is slow and light weight (about 25 grams) so it is ok for the kids to play with it indoor.

They will not brake anything expensive i hope :-)

10 11

12 13

14 15

Motor ????

The prop is almost finger size.. the motor is from a cell phone.

6 NiMh 100mAh cells from 9V pack is used. the on/off switch is just the wire pressed into another wire.
total weight is now 45 grams. Motor current only 200mA.