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Servo tester with PIC12F675

Here is version 3+ servo tester.Height = 64mm, Width=46mm, Weight=23 Gr.

How to use it:
Power it up using any DC voltage from 3-7 Volts, check what voltage your servo can handle,
the most normal is 4-6Volt, so I simply use 4 cells NIMH = 4.8V

NORMAL MODE: servo position using knob.
AUTO MODE: back and forward, automaticly, 5 sec travel speed.
STEP MODE: -100%, 0%, +100%, cycle speed 2 sec at each position.
To go into the last two modes, place knob pointing at AUTO or STEP at powerup.

The AUTO and STEP modes are placed at the high side of the scale,
this makes it easy to test motor speed regulators, due to the fact:
that some speed regulators like to have minimum pulse input while powering them up.

This new version 3+ works from 3-7V and will survive any kind of wrong connection you can make by accident,
like wrong power supply polarity, putting in power on the servo plug, or on the servo pulse signal.

Here is all you need to test a servo.

To order just contact me via email. Price 120 DKR + postage. (about 16 Euro)

Video clips of the 3 modes in action: (right click and save)
Servotester Normal mode divx4 avi
Servotester Auto mode divx4 avi
Servotester Step mode divx4 avi

Every one of my servo testers are calibrated to the last uS using this digital servo with big scale,
I have double checked this scale with a calibrated scope.

Made by OZ2CPU March/Sep/Okt. 2005. Latest version 3+ is made Feb 2006.