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Speed 400 Testing

Purpose of testing: to measure exactly what happens when you use a gearbox on a Speed 400 motor.

To measure the pull force in grames, I just used a good old and heavy transformator to hold it down.
I connected the battery on and was sure no force was in the wires, then I presses on/reset on the weight,
then I disconnected the battery and read out the pull force in grames.
Make sure the motor is firmly connected !! remember experiments in the kitchen are always performed when your wife is not at home :-)

Speed 400 using direct drive and little prop.

Speed 400 with little prop = 85 grames total.
Speed 400 with gearbox 2.33:1 and huge prop = 105 grames total.

Current and Voltage test setup.


InputPower W - Amps - Volts - Output Pull - Prop - Gear - Total weight  (Output-weight)
85.8W         10.6A   8.1V    175 grames   5.7x3   None   85 gr         90 gr
103W          13.2A   7.8V    420 grames   9x6     2.3:1  105 gr        315 gr
103W          13.2A   7.8V    500 grames   10x4.7  2.3:1  105 gr        395 gr

Battery is 177 grames.
Plane with 2 servo, regulator, receiver plugs and stuff = 200 gr 
Total plane ready to fly = 177 + 200 + 105 = 482 grames.
The Pull is 500 grames so this looks good..