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The Stick, making my own wing

All I had was the fuselage profile to draw after. I knew the profile is symetic with a little bit of V shape.
The wing span is 160 cm at the widest edge, and 150 cm at the leading edge. the corde is 31.5 cm

All the info and pictures I had was this four from the internet, somewhere..
I have no drawings about how to make my own wing like real Stick style.

This Stick is really big.. I could see the wing shape in this picture.

here the aileron style could be seen

The endtips details.

The first drawing I made looked like this, it gave me the profile and idea about how to construct it.

The first master rim I made (at top) using 3mm 5 layer plywood, to get the exact cuts like i wanted them
then I cut out two in thinner plywood for the center part og the wing. the thick plywood master i will keep so I can make spareparts.

I copyed the figure in balsa, adding 1-2mm extra edge.

After a little while of cutting with a sharp plade, i have got them all ready.

I took 1/3 of them at a time, so I could sand and cut most accurate.
with my master and the 2 thin plywood rims on each side, it is hold good and stable.

After sanding and curring then are all exactly the same size.

Now ready for some glue fun.

















Here wing with ailerons, before they are sanded

I did modify the design abit from the original pictures I got, i think it is better this way.

Servo mounting plate, the light plywood is 1.5mm, the dark plywood is 3mm so I can make threads into it, for nylon screws.

See how accurate the cut have been made, the plate fits perfectly into the hole.

The drawing i made late nite when I had insomnia :-)

The servo mounting plate is cut and sanded so it's tight fit.

The 3mm plywood plate is glued into the larger 1.5mm plate

The servo mounting was measured directly after the servo, to make perfect fit

First I drilled 1.5mm holes so I could make it more accurate

See the marking so I dont turn it upside down

This is my first homemade servo mounting inside a wing..

The M3 nylon screws will be of different style later

Top side leading edge now with balsa plates, wow big job, looks super..

The trailing edge center parts where there is no ailerons, are sanded sharp like this.

The center part is covered using thin 1.5 mm plywood. Else the wing mounting will not be strong enough I guess

More 1.5mm plywood has been added to the center section

See how nice the leadingedge is sanded

now I can see how it will be..

But there are still a few hours left

more plywood has been added

Now the top side looks ready. only the mounting system has to be invented. a few more days..

The servo cables are shilded, mounted in the holes in the center of each rim and glued.

Extra plywood is added

more blasa for the hatches

The two bricks for the mounting screws





plywood added to fuselage, two 3mm plates used where the 5mm threads was made.

The white oracover was great and easy to work with.

the ailerons was just taped in place, so i could make some pictures

Now the plane seems guite big

Servo cable is soldered.

Now all I need to mount is the ailerons

The logo was printet out and taped to the wing to see how it looks
I like the text to be huge

Text added, I am not super happy about the placement of the adhesive letters, but it is really dificult.

Plane is now ready to fly.. more pictures later.. maybe.. see ya..

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