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UHF data link version 1

see version 2, we have test flown V2 for over 1yrs now
see version 3, brand new stuff

This LINK project version 1 was droppet

Ideas for the use of this realtime high speed data downlink from RC plane to ground:
1. Alarm functions, Low batt, Glowmotor stopped, low Nitro level, + more.
2. GPS position data, Speed, Height, + more.
3. Monitor functions, Voltage, Current, Temperature on EL planes, + more.
4. Score board on ground for real time battle system, who shoot who and when and how.
5. Radio signal quality and low signal erly warning.
6. Plane finder with super range.
7. You imagine..

First test of the Melexis TH72011EDC Transmitter IC worked perfect first try ! even more output than expected.
Check out more interesting stuff from Melexis at their homepage : www.melexis.com

New PCB layout with PIC16F873, Here is the components list

The board with just enough components mounted To test the RF power output.

Output after filter 435.225 +22dBm 158mWatt Spurious 872MHz -32dBm so it is 54dB under carrier.

The output lowpass filter was made using simulation of all values. SIM File
Attenuation at 870Mhz is about 24dB and at 435 ZERO dB, just what I wanted.

The PIC16F873 and PNP transistor to controll the AH1 output amp on/off, is mounted here,
The LM2941S regulator is not mounted yet, it will be later when I need it.

TH7122 Datasheet
SW7122 PC software - PC software info
Project droppet, other transmitters and receivers found.