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UHF RC system version 3
UHF RC system, antenna Plane Install

First of all, here is one of the two long range rx antennas,
the ground wire must be seperated a bit from the coax,
how much is not so critical, but try to make it so it looks like the drawing.

RX antennas are always mounted about 90 deg from each other
as recommended om my main site.

In a normal plane, the two long range antennas are drawn in red, here Front-Back aligned
but still V style, pointing up

Same is possible pointing Left-Right

Also some general rules
Mount all types of receivers as far away from transmitters and cameras.
All types of metal, carbon, wires, electronics, must be keept away from antennas
and its ground wires, too close located wires can "shortcircuit" an antennas function.

Do not lay down the V flat horozontally,
like on a delta wing this will be the most easy thing to do,
but it is the worst result possible for long range, since the TX antenna is normally pointed up, vertically

For a bit more details, please read this page:

Updated Feb 2011, Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU