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customer survey

Dear customer, please spend a minute to copy this text and paste it into a mail to me.
The idea is you rate/comment each field as honest as you feel is possible.?I have made answers you can delete the ones you don't need.
Make this survey faster to complete, if you feel like it you are also welcome to add your own personal text.


Customer Survey

About Thomas:
1. How fast is the support: slow, normal, fast, don't know have not needed support
2. How easy is the support to understand: hard, normal, easy, dont know have not needed support
3. He eager is it to follow up and get things solved: no, normal, yes a lot, don't know had no problems

About UHF 'LRS' Long Range System:
4. The performance is as promised: no, yes, much more, don't know have not found it's max yet
5. The product is easy to use: no, just as normal, yes, much more, don't know have not tested it yet
6. The documentation is good: no, just as normal, yes, much more, don't know have not needed it much
7. Upgrading firmware is easy: no, as normal, yes, don't know have not tried
8. After Upgrading firmware I got: a better system, could not see any difference, a worse system, don't know have not upgraded

About Shipment/purchase:
9. The time from payment to delivery is fast: no, just as normal, yes, fair due to complex system
10. The price is: a bit too expensive, fair due to complex units, could have been more expensive
11. The packing is: bad, really good, as normal.

About Customer:
12. I am  after I received this system -  more: sad, happy, proud, unchanged
13. I will recommend this to others: no, yes, yes a lot, don't normally recommend equipment
14. I prefer when purchasing: A web shop click and pay done, via a dealer or distributor, via Thomas direct, don't care

If you feel any other comments are needed please feel free to add it.
The idea is to store and add all incoming comments and to improve my business and service.
I don't plan to answer or comment any of your answers directly, this is why I like to try to handle them as anonymous.
So I will try to pretend I don't know who sent it. I hope that is ok.

Thomas Scherrer - OZ2CPU - March 19 2009