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UHF RC system version 3
How to upgrade UHF system using mcuboot

In case of USB interface, install FTDI virtual com port driver:


Connect SERIAL cable or USB cable to the TX or RX unit you want to upgrade.

1 = data out of receiver board
2 = data to receiver board
3 = +3.3V can be used to supply RS232 converter
4 = GND

1 = data out of transmitter board
2 = data to transmitter board
3 = +3.3V can be used to supply RS232 converter
4 = GND

download mcuboot RENAME e_x_e extension to exe, this mcuboot.exe is made using borland some PC's might need some DLL files,
in that case you will be notified, about their names, if so, inform me !! or google after them :-)

Select right comport, check your virtual comport number is right if you use USB, click OK

Browse to the HEX file you got via email, using OPEN.
remember the TX hex is for tx unit, and the RX hex is for the rx !!

File is accepted and loaded, pull down in window so you can see the black status area

mcuboot now instruct you to cycle powersupply, thay means actually you POWER UP RX or TX unit NOW

Now you should be connected to the "secret" bootloader program

Click Program and see on screen and status area checksum bytes

after 7 sec your unit is upgraded, bootloader will exit and mcuboot will say Programming done,
now check firmware is working and new features work as expected.