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Comparing video cams with digital cam ixus 900 ti (not really fair ok)

Almost no light performance:





Roof light on, good ambient light




roof light on and spot light on, too much light





Almost no light performance, iso resolution test





roof light on and spot light on, normally considered too much light




ixus-iso11.jpg BEST

light handle test, roof light off, spot light on


151-lamp01.jpg BAD


ixus-lamp01.jpg BAD

light handle test, roof light on, spot light off





light handle test, roof light on, spot light on


151-lamp11.jpg BAD



All cams super uptimized for focus before each picture,
Different distance needed for full screen of bars and iso test, the iso test PDF is printed on A1 size using prof printer (still a but too small)
Color boars printet on A3, mate paper.
the lamp light test was performed at SAME distance with all 4 cams.
KX131 - KX151 - IFCAM - IXUS900TI (ixus pictures scaled down to 720 x 576 same as full PAL resolution)
KX131 have lower resolution and more narrow angle lens, not really a good lens for FPV.
note how KX151 handle strong light badly, see how background and near items are affected by strong light
the IFCAM handle strong light as good as KX131 but better angle and higher resolution
IFCAM does not handle colors good at low light, but is just as sensitive as KX151 for night vision in BW mode
This page must be viewed with 1280x1024 or more.

Power supply:
KX131 5.0V 160mA = 0.8W
KX151 12.0V 100mA = 1.2W (1.35W total with IF step up 5V to 12V)
IFcam 12.0V 100mA = 1.2W (1.35W total with IF step up 5V to 12V)

Radiated Radio RFI noise:
KX131 have no internal switch mode converters I guess, so I can almost not measure any noise at all.
KX151 really bad see results further down
IFcam radiate also noise, but not  as bad as KX151.

Noise measurements, voltage prope on camera case, no shilded room used so ref traces are needed to show "zero"


KX151 Ref measurement, 0-2500MHz

 IF cam Ref (looks the same, due to almost same physical sizes will pick up the same signal levels from back ground)


KX151 with power on, using step up, all the peaks near 87MHz add up !!

IF cam with power on, see at GPS frequency range at marker dot no visible noise


KX151 Ref, 0-500MHz

IF cam Ref, in this case I used other power cables, that is why the higher low freq background level and this issue also affect the measure curve, next picture


KX151 power on, direct no step up.

IF cam power on, direct no step up, just to prove noise is not from step ups, please note the low freq noise looks like higher but is not, due to other power cables.


KX151 Ref 0-100MHz

IF cam ref, note the last 3 peaks are national FM radio kilo watt transmitter 30km away


KX151 power on using step up

IF cam power on using step up, in this case the difference is big

Notes: radiated noise is really hard to measure without access to shilded room and calibrated test setup, just a few things changed, like powersupply wires
will change the levels on background pickup and also move the measurement curve up or down, so that is why I made a Ref trace before each measurement,
if both Ref. tracks are identical the measurement curves can be compared more accuratly.

Thomas Scherrer 2008 Feb