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Video Wireless 2400MHz GO system from IF

Also see the video wireless page if you like. for the normal range bigger stuff

got this TX/RX set from IF.

the 16 channels are selected with tiny switches
The receiver is supplied with 6-12V DC
There is NO reverse polarity protection so bad stuff will happen if you are unlucky with this.
Video and Audio connectors are phono so no need for them adapter cables that always get lost.
The internal circuit is running on 5V from one linear regulator
so the receiver will run fine from 6-12V, dont give it over 12V, the internal regulator will be too hot then

Supply Volt and Current : 12V 165mA

Receiver center frequency: measured with Agilent E4438C 3MHz dev 100kHz sine
CH1   2.4       
CH2   2.4
CH3   2.4
CH4   2.4

Transmitter frequency all combinations listed X=ON:
4  3  2  1
X  X  X  X 2.414  CH1  
X  X  X    2.432  CH2
X  X     X 2.414
X  X       2.450  CH3  

X     X  X 2.414  
X     X    2.432
X        X 2.414
X          2.468  CH4

   X  X  X 2.490  
   X  X    2.510
   X     X 2.490
   X       2.390  CH6

      X  X 2.490  CH7
      X    2.510  CH8
         X 2.490  
 n o n e   2.370  CH5
RX and TX units have 16 possible combinations, Always change combinations with poweroff,
note some combinations generate same frequency.

This transmitter exist in 3 types 10mW, 100mW and 500mW

Spurious Harmonics measured on the 10mW type:
2.470 +11dBm fundamental wanted frequency
4.940    dBm 2nd
7.416    dBm 3rd
9.880    dBm 4th quite strong this one
12.350   dBm 5th
14.821   dBm 6th
17.290 nothing to see, all the way up from here, still nothing.

Here at 3.3V over 10mW of power, nice.

The delta from video to audio is 6.50Mhz/6.02MHz it is stereo, audio is 27dB under video signal

Video frequency response: 200Hz to 4.8MHz so it is a bit more then normal, the picture looks also a bit sharper.
Audio frequency response: 5Hz to 18khz in stereo and tons of channel seperation.
Audio input max 1vPP = 1vPP out of receiver, inverted.

transmitter with video signal.

transmitter with video signal using avarage.


Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU March 2008