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Wing with LED light

First test, 6 RED LED at 20mA hi power types from SHARP

Sec test, before mounting head-lights :-)

I am really thrilled about the light output.

A total of 20 LED's was used

6 Red, 6 Green, 4 White pointing front 2 on each side, 2 Blue pointing back top side, and 2 orange pointing back bottom side.

Using the 8-9Volts from the 8 cells, and 100 Ohm series resistor, and 3 LED in series.

The blue LED's are 3V types, and the Orange are 2V types, so in this case 150 Ohm was uses.

The White LED's are also 3V types, so then I just use 2 in series, and 100 Ohm.

All wires are 0.2mm copper isolated, thin and light weight and easy to route.
the wing half where the antenna is located, I have added ferite breads and 2 windings
else the suppy wires for the LED's will act as an antenna in parallel with the real antenna,
This would ruin the range, if no ferite was used.

There was a spare channel available, so why not add a PWM regulator ??

This is the smallest 10A PWM regulator I have seen so far :-)

All my LED's draw about 175mA at 8V

The HUGE IC is the PIC12C508 and the small one a 10A FET in SO8

PIN 1, 2, 3 are +5 from RX, pin 4 is PPM input from RX, pin 5 FET GATE, pin 6-7 cut away, pin 8 GND from RX

The little SMD capacitor is 100nF

for safety I have added a reverse diode over the output

Zoomed out, you see the wires going left and right and over the edge to the bottom LED

Zoomed even futher out, you see this wing is really old and crap,
but since I dont know how dificult night flying will be, I think using old crap first is smart

Left side with the antenna, and the 3 small ferite toroids

Make 2 windings or even 3, make little hole, press in, then use thin transparent tape

More closeups of wires, it was really fast and easy to add this LED light modification

LED at the center of a winglet, to keep good arodynamics and best viewing angle,
I have made the cut like this, and again used transparent thin tape

At the back edge, pointing back

Front edge

Out testing at night

ving-night-flight.avi Having fun at night small AVI clip

Made by Thomas Scherrer, OZ2CPU, Sep 2005.