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AVR ISP MK2 USB powersupply modding

The original AVR ISP MK2, is USB powered.
it needs to sense target power to be able to work, so why not make it power the whole target ?

The extra added LM317 uses 5V USB power as input, 220 Ohm and 300 Ohm to make 3V.

The jumper (not installed on the picture) can select: 3V or 5V or none as normal.

now you can power all your small targets directly from USB power, no more hassle with power supply wires and stuff.
USB power can normaly handle 50-100mA on all PC ports, some even more.
well one AVR running at 8Mhz uses 10-20mA depending on it's type.

Made 2006 OZ2CPU Thomas