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Homemade Radio Related Stuff
Diode Detector coil for RF picup good beginner trick if no other equipment
High Altitude Balloon with live APRS tracker, battery heater
Cross Band VHF-UHF repeater
Puxing radio serial interface schematic, easy to make
6 way broadband RF distribution 20dB coupler
Antenna 1/4 wave for 940 to 980MHz easy homemade
Antenna height measurement made easy
PA Stage temperature controlled FAN speed controller
Automatic Antenna Motor Lift system
1:1 Current Balun using 4C6 core for HF antenna.
1:1 Ruthroff's Voltage balun using 4C6 core for HF inverted VEE antenna.
Digital Amateur Callsign sender/reciever with selective call
Digital Wattmeter, from nanoWatts to KiloWatts, with AD8307, PIC16F876, LCD Display
50 Hz controlled 10 MHz refferance with PIC16 and LCD display
2m Dual gate FET Low Noise Amplifier, variable gain -20dB to +20dB
SWR Direction Coupler 5 to 500 Mhz, made to be used with the Digital Wattmeter
SWR Impedeance Bridge, Design 3SW and 9MO
Simple VCO, 300 to 500 Mhz
20m SSB Transceiver, with DDS, PIC16, 10.7Mhz IF
AP2000 VHF reconstructed to a DUAL VCO Police Scanner with PIC and LCD
1750Hz and 82.5Hz Pilot-tone generator with PIC12 IC
DCF77 a 77.5Khz reciever with computer link
DCF77 RX module, PIC16, LCD display and serial output link
144.00 Mhz 1.5Watt CW transmitter
137 Khz CW transmitter
137 Khz Big Coil antenna, over 1 square meter
27Mhz FM 0.5W transmitter
800Watt HF 4tubes amplifier
80Watt HF one transistor amplifier
1.3GHz Freq counter LED display, main design by OZ1DV
1.7GHz Freq counter LCD display, main design by AADE
2500 W PA controller with PIC16
20 Watt Dummy load using SMD resistors
80 Watt UHF PA, modified NMT transmitter

Other Homemade Electronics Stuff Not Radio Amateur:
PIR motion detector wireless UHF 433MHz alarm
Simple Cheap APO Auto Power Off for anything you normally will forget 4066 and Solidstate relay
Arduino IR remote code converter Samsung TV to Panasonic
Arduino MEGA XY oscilloscope logo vector plotter dual 8 bit DAC
USB Keyboard Amiga Joystick for Raspberry Pi Emulator Amibian
Analog RC unit as Digital Joystick for Commodore C64 C128 Amiga
Datasette Tapedeck interface for phone used as audio data, Commodore 64 128
Peacefair PZEM-021 energy meter hacked SPI to SERIAL output avr mega88
IR night light for CCTV auto on/off sunlight controlled with LDR
SimpleLight Aquarium sunrise moonrise controller cheap and simple white and blue mixture controller
Multi purpose IO board AVR Atmel Mega DMX PPM analog sample and interfacing RS232 RS422 RS485
LED white light bulb mains powered, no loss power supply, ultra green
XMON PC windows program download, Micro controller development debugging realtime curve variable
ComMail PC windows program download, Micro controller Arduino what ever, Comport Serial text to EMAIL, URL deliver data, ThingSpeak
Hot-Mouse modified PC mouse with heat inside
AVR ISP MK2 modding USB power supply
PIC 16 DemoKit3 with Programmer and more
PIC16C84/F84 door entry dual code system
PIC16 driving a 640 x 480 TFT directly
IR controll sampler using 6116 RAM no CPU
IR controll sampler using Zilog Z8 microcontroller and 6116 RAM
Serial Sender using 6 pcs. 4021 and crystal osc
EPROM Programmer copier manual bit edit 2704 to 27512
First Z80 CPU system 1990
Z80 CPU system machinery controller, logger, 1997
Video Wireless realtime video downlink from my RC plane
Video OSD On Screen Display GPS data on the screen NOW with Video clips
Car timer power controller AtTiny45
ISA card, Phone answering mashine using PC and soundblaster
ISA card, RGB 16 Bit Video real time picture grapper
ISA card, 16 bit data out, 8 bit data in, LCD display
ISA card, Parallel, Serial, Midi, 2 channel DTMF decoder
Water drain pump controller for house celler water pump
Phone USB charge hack Iphone Ipad HTC phone, how to charge via home made charge cable
Fake Alarm Blinker Push Button ON/OFF for keypad 3.6V lipo battery
SFG-1013 Signal generator TTL Output modification how to make it work
230V to 230V isolation transformator with low capacity usefull specially for scopes

Temperature Measurement Logging
Temperature Logger I2C TMP275 for Test Controller
Four Temperatures 8 digit LED termometer, using PIC16 and LM50B
Atmel Mega32 8ch Analog Signal Measurent and serial port logger
ADC logger 6ch Measurent and serial port logger with wireless longrange link
Atmel Mega88 LED Temperature meter type K sensor, Heat set and regulator
Atmel Mega88 LED dual temperature meter 2006
Atmel Mega88 LED temperature meter 2015

ESP8266 Projects wifi logging remote monitor email:
ESP8266 WIFI MailBox Email Alert System
ESP8266 WIFI Voltmeter Li-Ion ThingSpeak Deep Sleep Datalogger
ESP8266 with ATTiny85 as Deep Sleep timer improves battery life big time
ESP8266 ESP-01 The 2$ PHILIPS HUE RGB COLOR HUB Works also perfectly with ALEXA

Clock Timer Time Counter:
Digital clock using 6 small LED Displays and pure TTL logic
Digital clock using 6 HUGE LED Displays multiplexed and PIC16
Digital clock using 6 NIXIE TUBES multiplexed 1x6 and a PIC16
Digital clock using 6 NIXIE TUBES multiplexed 2x3 and a PIC16
Digital clock using 4 ZM1040 NIXIE TUBES mux 2x2 with a PIC16
Digital clock using 2 ZM1040 NIXIE TUBES direct driven
Digital clock using 2 B7971 HUGE NIXIE TUBES, special muxed
Scope tube clock 2D vector numbers
Count Down Alarm, 3 LED Displays multiplexed and PIC16F84

Audio Hifi Sound:
"The End" Power Audio Amp
Sony CD Audio front end
Clap Sound Light Switch
Wurlitzer Jukebox repaired with digital MP3/WAV file player and Arduino
Raspberry PI highend hifi music player streamer
Raspberry Pi-Fi sound cards modifications PCM5102 PCM5122
Raspberry PI 3 full wifi range modification, external antenna
EPROM Sound player using counter and homemade R2R DA-Converter
EPROM Function generator

Power Supply, Charger, Discharger, Battery Measure, UPS, Backup, Inverter:
Tenma powersupply modifications
Homemade variable 0-20 Volt, 3A my very first, a jostykit NT400
Homemade 14 Volt, 25A Linear
Homemade 3 outputs Linear
Modified PC 200 Watt Powersupply 13.5 Volt 14 Amp. cont. 20 Amp.
Modified PC 400 Watt Powersupply 13.7 Volt 18 Amp. cont. 30 Amp.
Standard Power SPS 220-24 M2564 Power Supply full teardown pictures schematic usefull for repair info
SP24S050S 24V 50A charger full teardown pictures usefull for repair info
B&O SN16A lab powersupply repair and fix upgrade info The unstable voltage fix explained
Switchmode converter 800W and Audio Amp.
UPS inverter battery backup pure sine
NICD/NIMH charger, capasity measure and conditioner, with NO CPU
Z80 CPU NICD/NIMH charger computer
Battery Data Logger, discharger, ATMEGA88 and PC SW
DC Hi amp. load for powersupply testing Electronic Load 1993
DC High Voltage 1kV 1A 1kW peak. Lab load Electronic Load Arduino TFT display 2022
DC powerload, electronic load, Monster Sized 0-100V 0-500A watercooled 2002
Variable Power resistor load very usefull and simple item
Simple Li-Ion Backup for wifi and routers and other small 12V systems
Simple Multi Cell Battery Protection 8 cell LiFePO4 example shown
Switchmode converter 70W input:10-16VDC Output:200-300VDC
High voltage scope probe 100:1 5kV cheap fast and easy DIY project
Switchmode TL494 12V to 2kV regulated Push-Pull made with reused parts easy to get

Homemade stuff RC related Planes, Cars, Boats, electronics, radiocontrol, wireless video, on screen display

Homemade PC modifications, Water cooling, and more

Other Homemade Electronics Stuff Robotics related:
Robot 100kg the jeep, some work in progress, pictures, videos, details
6 Legged servo crawler robot using Atmel AVR controller
Playstation joystick gamepad for robot how to use it with AVR C code example
Bargraph 101 LED and Atmel AVR with C code example
Sonic ultra sound distance sensor aray test mockup HC-SR04 only one pin pr sensor

Other Homemade things:
Methanol engine 10cc mounted on a small light scooter A real Psycho projekt
Electric powered Go-Cart
Soda bottle water rockets

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