IF 10.7Mhz AMP

IF amp 10.7Mhz: with AGC (two of them is needed)
R1, R2 Not connected.
R3, R6 = 68
R4 is a green 3mm LED.
C1, C4 = 82pF NP0
T1, T2 = 2 turns 0.22mm cu, 20 turns 0.15mm cu, on 4mm adjustable form. More about the coils

This amp is made with SMD components, but normal leaded components can also be used.

More about the NEW universal AMP board.

The Green LED makes a good ZENER diode of 2 Volt, perfect for the Source voltage,
Now when G2 (AGC voltage) goes to zero, it will be -2 seen from the FET, this will block really good.

AGC Voltage and gain
0 V = -39dBm
1 V = -36dBm
2 V = +18dbm
3 V = +30dBm
4 V = +31dBm
5 V = +32dBm
6 V = +33dBm
The regulation voltage will be from 0 to 4 volt.

Here is the old first design with no AGC

Gain + 27 db. The tuning range is from 7 to 14 MHz
The current consumption is 1.7mA @ 12Volts
Max input level -10dbm gives +17dbm output
More input will not damage the amp, but output will not give more than +20dbm