My Homemade 20m HF SSB Transceiver (Later: 80m to 6m)

OZ2CPU say thanks to...

Low-pass Filter
20W PA stage
IF amp 10.6 to 10.8 with AGC
IF Xtal Filter 10.7 for SSB
Double Balanced Diode Mixer Modules
BFO 10.7015 USB and 10.6985 LSB
DDS Direct Digital Synt AD9850 with PLL
PIC16 controlls the DDS and the LCD Display readout
Rotary gray code encoder
Audio Amps, Mic amp
AGC Automatic Gain Controll
Diode Switch
AGC Tester
FET Amplifiers with AGC input, All amp stages is the same

The first half of the block schematics, note that the RF amp is also used undet transmit.

I'm working on a new idea that will use only one AF amp total..

Please come back soon, this rig is underconstruction right now, and so is this page.
Test 1 receiver setup external signal generator is the VFO
Test 2 receiver setup with: DDS, DDS amplifier, 128Mhz DDS clock
Test 3 receiver setup with: PIC16F877, Rotary Encoder for DDS
Test 4 receiver setup with: Display and first relay
Test 5 receiver setup with: DDS frequency counter with PIC
Test 6 receiver setup with: DDS Clock and BFO frequency now generated with VCO and PLL
Test 7 receiver setup with: DDS amp broadband, ALL HF bands added to software, IF amps ready for AGC
Test 8 Transceiver setup with: AGC, Mic amp, TX relays, output 4mW, First QSO made !

Main Idea Belthorn