20m RIG Test 3 Setup

The PIC, DDS, and encoder software is up and running, The feeling and fast adjustment is perfect,
I hope to get the small SMD connector I need for my Display so that I can make a programm to write out the freq.

By the way: Last nite (still only the two amps of +27dB each)
I fine adjusted all coils and measured a hear-able tone at -135dBm (about 40 nano Volt the same as 0.040 uV)
And still the Noice I have is almost nothing :-) after changing the AF opamp to a NE5532.
I listened to a lot of stations, they sound just as good and clear as local FM VHF stations !!
I will make some recordings this weekend, and put it online on my webpage so you can hear for your self how good the sound is !!

I will start work on the AGC and amps, this weekend I hope :-)