OZ2CPU Say Thank You to..

Without you, and your help it would not have been possible to construct this rig.
Thanks a lot for your time, information, lending my equipment, parts.
The following friendly amateurs has helped me:

OZ1AGE Measurements on FT-817 for comparing
OZ1BV Crystal filter and BFO crystals
OZ1CD Parts, Coils from old AP700 modules
OZ1DX The first real two-way QSO
OZ1FBV Lending me a HF radio
OZ1KNK Datasheets, Ideas and Information
OZ1LQB Parts, Dual Gate Fets
OZ1WU Parts, Coils and Fets from old AP700 modules
OZ2ELA Signal generator, Ideas and Information
OZ3SW Torids, Info about Phase noice and spurius in PLL and DDS
OZ4JIM Idea about using a cheap step motor for the rotary encoder
OZ5ABT Parts, Capasitors, PA and driver transistors
OZ5GQ Parts, PIC16F877
OZ5MF Parts, Coils from old AP700 modules
OZ7AKT Parts, Relays, Crystals, Coils, Old Radios
OZ7HVI Measurements on FT-1000 for comparing
OZ7HVO Making Circuit Boards, Measurements, Information, Parts
OZ8LX Crystal tester, design ideas information, Turning knobs
OZ9GH Miliwatt meter, Information about AGC and how to test and adjust AGC
OZ9MO Spectrum analyzer, Freq calibrations, Parts, Mixer

G4CLF Bidirectional Amp gain ideas, AGC design ideas
G4GXO Amp gain ideas, AGC design ideas
I6YPK Info about different Mixers signal levels capabilities, Driver & PA Schematics & PCB files
PA3CK DDS test circuit schematic
VK6BRO Schematic for step motor encoder signal detector

If I have forgot enyone, I am sorry, please inform me about it.