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6 way RF splitter, 20dB attenuation/isolation

what is this good for : I needed to connect a few signal generators and spectrum analyzer and receivers together for performance testing
it can be used for many things like that in the RF design and test lab.

1.6mm FR4 used, drill holes 0.6mm

SMA connectors soldered on both sides

The inner 6 way splitter have 14dB attenuation from each port
adding a 3dB extra attenuator on each port makes the total attenuation from any port to any port = 20.0 dB nice and easy to use.

I used thick film 0805 resistors, dont use thin-film they are often not as good on higher frequencies.
you can use 330 ohm in stead of 292 ohm, and 18 ohm instead of 17.6, the results will be almost the same

The schematic in RF sim can be downloaded here

The pcb layout
Diagonal board size = 48mm

Isolation any port to any port = 20dB
Attenuation any port to any port = 20dB
Frequency responce = 0 to 5 GHz at 0.5dB error
Returnloss = -12 at 3.7GHz, -20 at 1GHz, -33 at 100MHz
Powerhandeling = 100mW

the response and returnloss curve
Feb 2009 OZ2CPU