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Temperature Logger I2C for Test Controller

Foreword: 4-8 i2c temperature sensors TMP275 used in this example, are connected to an Arduino AVR Atmega328
Serial link 4 meters cable, USB ftdi 232 interface
Arduino code is a mix from HKJ analog example, and I2C temperature reader example
Read about Test Controller here : https://lygte-info.dk/project/TestControllerIntro%20UK.html



Measurements added for case design
this is the layout made specially for CNC (gnd track will be removed in the CNC setup software)

TMP275 I2C sensor in SSOP-8 case

the milling design is made for ONE tool only, 0.8mm flat end milling bit, does it all, including cutting the pcb in one go.
this is how i make fast prototypes without the hazzle of tool change.

all tracks are on the bottom (remember to mirror in the CNC setup)

Top side, all "hot" holes are drilled a bit manually, with end stopped machine

Almost done soldering

Top side, all "vias" are hand soldered

case with pcb

I used STEP file from Altium to import into Fusion, for easier 3D case design.

While working on the shell design :-)

I used 0805 parts, easier for home milling pcb's and easier for home soldering

150 sec of recordings using Test Controller, added average a super nice math feature in Test Controller.

this usb FTDI-232 interface is actually an RS485, ic was blown, so i removed the ic, and made this into 5V level serial

cable mounted, a few vias are drilled out, good idea with 220 ohm in series with the serial

100 samples, ALL bits are exactly the SAME for 4 sensors, just taped together, AMAZING tracking

100 samples, with just one LSB change in the read out values





usb_serial_case_BOTTOM.stl (THANKS DZL)

usb_serial_case_TOP.stl (THANKS DZL)

GerberJLC.zip Gerber files for Ordering for example JLC

GerberMill.zip Gerber files for CNC milling

HJK_Temp4.txt Driver for Test Controller

HKJ4_TMP275.ino Arduino Source code

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5201441 JST XHP 2.54 SHELL (THANKS DZL)


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