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Homemade Nixie Clock 2 big B7971 tubes
Here is my own private little Nixie Tube Collection

It looks 10 times better in real life, compared to this small and crap gif animation.
I made it just to give the idea about how it display the time 11:28

The PCB is the same as used in my 6 tube 2x3 nixie clock Using the SAME Schematic also.

Driving two B7971 tubes is done with two 74141, you might think; THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE !!
But I have made it possible using special multiplexing, this mode is included in the kit that Claus offers, you know it has a PIC and two 74141 drivers, that is all
This Nixie Clock as a kit for sale From Claus Urbach Using proffesional made double sided PCB cards

The time is shown like this;
HR first then a short blanking periode, then MIN, then I have made a great animation,
almost like the hands of an analog clock rotating fast clock wise,
then it start all over again, it looks fantastic.
it is all done using kinda tricky muxing 1:16 and still give enough light output, amazing.

The two anodes (pin 13 on B7971 socket) goes via 8k2 to the two first Anode driver outputs
The kathode pin number on the kit is just connected to the same pin number on the B7971 sockets
Pin 11, 13, 18, 19, 20 on kit is left unconnected.

Here is the B7971 socket connections to digits, pin 2 and 11 are connected, just only solder a wire to pin 2 from kit pin 2.

This B7971 clock was made back in the good old days using homemade PCB,
After this clock was constructed, we made some nice prof PCB for sale.

The proffecional made PCB version 1.04, the powersupply and the clock board
This PCB and parts was sold via www.nixieclocks.de from 2003 to 2004.
in 2005 a brand new PCB and new super software will be released..

The powersupply is modified so the anode voltage is just under 180 Volts unloaded,
and drops to about 167-175v when clock is running (I will explain how this is done SOON)

This case was invented and made by Claus Urbach, thanks !

Night picture, this clock looks best if it is a bit dark in the room.

This is ZM1350 tubes, also compatible with the B7971 mode.
This case was invented and made by Claus Urbach, thanks !

This is really a small and cute case, it even uses the old powersupply with transformator

About the software:

One software version fits all tubes, normal nixie tubes, Dual anode types, or even B7971.
it has auto detect of input clock source, 1Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, DCf77, or even 4MHz crystal.
To read about the latest software version please have a look at www.nixieclocks.de

Made in Feb 2003. OZ2CPU

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This Best Nixie Clock kit for sale Claus Urbach

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