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The ESP-01 is simply the smallest and cheapest ESP8266 brake out PCB you can get
with its 4 IO pins available it is just a perfect way to drive some LEDS.
This way you can simulate any normaly expensive hardware, Belkin, Sonoff, even Philips HUE !
Here is what I did:



RESET and ENABLE pins must be pulled hight to make it run.


download the :
go down to release binary, the file you need is called
you also need a programmer exe file, that simply transfer the bin file via serial to your ESP-01 or sonoff
or what ever esp8266 cpu unit you got
when it it is programmed, you recycle power, close the programmer tool, open serial terminal,
and write ssid1 yourwifiname, and wait for reboot,
then your type password and your password.
wait for reboot, and then get its IP number, remember this for the future,
now open the IP in a browser, Here is the screen front screen after all is configures.
Yours will look a little bit different the first time. But just go into CONFIGURATION and then CONFIGURE MODULE


FIRST : perform the setting for Module type: Generic (18) and then SAVE and wait for reboot.
Now do the rest:
The first 4 fields are the 4 pins available for the users on ESP-01
(if you are using any other type of ESP hardware, you got access to more pins, and can make much more at the same time)
If you only configure the 3 of them as PWM1 PWM2 PWM3 as i did here,
your HUE will simply be a 3 bit RGB = Red Green Blue unit.
this way to turn all 3 on for white
BUT if you also configure 4 of them, the last one free is RX as PWM4
you get RGBW mode automaticly, very smart ! this means the command for WHITE, turn only the white on, and R G B are off


in CONFIGURATION and then, CONFIGURE OTHER you see this screen, here is how you activate the Philips HUE emulation
The friendly name is what pops up in your Alexa or other home automation system
You can very easyly rename this in the alexa app later is needed


First test performed in my modified nocemcu programmer, This way i could figure out what bit is what color


back side, 3.3V regulator, 100nF,


top side, 100uF on the 12V supply, and then just 3 small fets. I recommend to use logic level fets !


Schematic of ESP-01 Connections, seen from top side


This one is going to be hidden behind a table, so I just reused an old case, with some holes from something else


It is actually possible to trim the light very close to white, even with old type RGB only
if you got RGBW leds available it is ofcourse much better.



2020 Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU
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