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PA Controller for Danamps, Dual PIC16 CPU system

Here is the display board, See how nice it is using serial input with, Clock, Data, Latch.
Only 5 wired is used to controll all 96 bits, some LED's can be RED or Green.
The display is updated up to 200 times a sec. so it is really instant analog display !

The controller board is really complicated, Two CPU's taking care of different tasks so the display and relay updating can be done super fast,
and same time the serial data and protections and superviser systems can work just as fast as we wanted.
Same board will be used in all variations of Danamps Poweramplifier series later. so the board can also measure transmitt frequency to set the band switches right,
and later it will also controll the tune and plate for the fully automatic PA.
Please visit www.danmaps.com and read more about their blue line PA series, covering HF to UHF

Here is my programming setup, I have added different switched and potentiometers so I can simulate all PA functions.
Each CPU has special serial debug interface running 115200 baud for instant responce of all interesting parameters.
32 analoge inputs are measured from all over the PA system, Temperatures, Voltages, Currents, Phase, Tuning, Input and Output Power, SWR and alot of extra values used for protection.

First prototype version

For the new blue-line tube PA power blocks that Danamps.com has constructed,
I have made the display design and PIC16 controller
This display is serial controlled via 96 bits
The PA output power (up to 2500Watt) reflected power, current, voltage temperature and much more are displayed instantly
also all data is transfered to a PC via the RS-232 port, the PIC16 runs at 18Mhz performing 4.5MIPS
This kit is made by me, and is my programming model, all potentiometers serves as simulation for an analoque input
The 12 small LED simulates outputs that the PIC can controll, relays tube voltages and so on
Please visit www.danmaps.com and read more about their blue line PA series, covering HF to UHF