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NICD / NIMH Charger Conditioning

The front pannel, Display to the right show number of condition (discharge followed by charge)
the big segements to the right: houres, small: minutes charge time.
Left display: capacity in percent of nominal rating
On the top lid a scheme the makes it fast and easy to set the right current and time for charge and discharge
Developed in 1991 to 1992, a total of 13 units was made, this is the prototype that was given to my father

Bottons from left: Discharge and condition start
Discharge time: 1, 2 or 4 houres
Battery cells: 1 to 10 cells
Discharge current, 125mA to 1200mA in 12 steps

Bottons from right: Charge start
Main function select: Normal (both charge and discharge can be done at the sametime on different batteries)
K1 is one time condition, using the left terminals Condition 2-9 is selected by the internal DIL switch
Charge current: 50mA to 420mA in 12 steps
Charge time: 2 to 14 houres in 7 steps

Inside from top, service frendly, top and bottom case can be removed so PCB can be accesed from both sides

Inside from bottom, there is almost 100 SMD components and loads of counters, displays drivers and gates

Printer Interface, still no CPU used.

Content of the EPROM

Aditional option a Printer Buffer for offline storage

done in 1991 to 1993 - OZ2CPU