TALCO VHF with homemade PIC16F84 board

The big hole in the front was normaly filled with two thump-wheels to select channels via a diode matrix,
Here I have cut a piece of red plastic, and glued it in. The Yes/Up and No/Down holes is used for my new menu system

My Talco is here up and running.

The standard PLL board is the top one, where the standard diode matris was connected,
is my new and homemade "super talco" board fitted

The same as above, but seen from the bottom

Here the PLL and my new board is nice fitted inside the radio

The LED display used is a 4 carracter alpha intelegent type,
so it can write text and numbers. Normaly when I dont change freq the display show:
"145." for a short periode of time, then it shows automaticly
"2250" for a little longer periode of time, this works really good
When I SCAN manualy by pressing and holding UP, the display only show the Kilo-Herts information
Just release the button and the Mega-Herts info will come.
By presing the MENU button, the display say: "SCA?" pres again "REP?" pres again "DIM?"
SCA? is a question, do you want to scann ?, pres Yes for start scanning
REP? will go into repeater mode, now only 10 repeater channels will show in the display
DIM? will change the light in the display if UP/Down is pressed in 10 levels
The last transmitted freq will be the power-up freq stored in EE-rom
CPU used: PIC16C84, with two output latches: 74HCT574, CPU clock is stolen from the PLL board