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RGB 16 Bit Video Grabber ISA card

The front end grabber IC is a Bt812 it can video convert eny standard PAL NTSC super VHS and more
into a 24 bit data stream, the Bt812 has sync detectors and level adjust using re-programmable look-up table
I am unly using 16 bit into the two 8 bit SRAM 128K each
The address controllers counters can be programmed in software, to grap from 32 x 32 pixels and up to 256 x 128 pixels
The smaller resolution the faster real time display

The main ISA address IO decoding and data latch, was done using a standard card that I have also developed for I.T.E.
The BNC connector is the video input

some of my old design notes just for fun

Done in 1996