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My First Z80 CPU system

1: 7493, clock divider
2: 7493, clock divider
3: 7493, clock divider
4: 7493, clock divider, the CPU runs a 1KHz, so I did not require any delay loops :-)

A1: 74138, CE RAM.
A2: 74138, CE both PIO'S.
A3: 74138, WR clock pulse to O1 and O2, with 7414 and 7432
74123: is a reset timer, used to give reset in a specified time after power-up or reset-button

O1: AM2952, Output Latch for the Display Address and control.
O1: AM2952, Output Latch for the Display Data Bus, 7bit.

RAM: 8 Kb, A special one made of 4 SMD 6116 (2 more at the bottom of the IC) and a decoder, nice eh?
EPROM: 2732, 4Kb I will rip the data from this soon..
Z80 CPU: A special military temperature range type
PIO: a pair of 8255' are used, one for the PARALLEL port, the other is for future use.
DISPLAY: LED ASCII DL2416 from HP, they look really cool.

The DIP-Switch are connected to the first PIO.
I did this back in 1990 at that time I started my education.

Some of my first assembler programs for this system, was written and assembled by hand !!