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Wurlitzer Lyrec Console 1965 Jukebox repaired with digital MP3/WAV file player and Auduino

This cool old jukebox from Wurlitzer is owned by my dad, its 100% all mecanic brain from 1965 is worn out many years ago,
it is very complicated and time consuming to make it run stable for just a few days before a new problem show up,
So the perfect fix is to skip the mecanics, use all buttons and credit indicator as it is, and make it all digital,
The same function, same feel, is simply made using Arduino CPU card, to read the buttons, and start the correct music file on a little SD card player
The DFPlayer mini handle MP3, WAV, and many other file formats even in high resolutions, its analog outputs sound amazingly good.

The wurlitzer unit, with all the fancy colored lights on

Wurlitzer buttons, show 10 letters, and 10 numbers, so a total of 100 songs can be selected
Since we make it all digital, a few tricks is possible, like 200 songs, by simply select number-letter, or letter-number to double it,
or maybe even put in 200 full CD's with 10-15 songs on each CD, this way it could handle his enture music collection.

First a miniature version of input buttons and the credit light was made for the software development
only 4 analog inputs are needed to read all the 20 buttons, each button on a 5 row, deliver 1-2-3-4-5 Volts when pressed,
and zero volts when not pressed, so it is simple and easy to read with good and stable margin, from the Arduino board.

After a few hrs of software work the compleete unit is ready

Close up of connections, note the DFPlayer can not handle 5V on its serial lines, so a resistor is added for isolation
this removed very bad noise, so now it play super nice. Also note the 100uH coil and 220uF on the player supply to keep it clean.
Busy signal from player to auduino is best way to find out exactly when a song is done, and the next one can be started.

How to make pcb tracks for prototyping, cut, heat remove, done, fast simple.

Making the buttons

Schematic of the button wire harness, need a little bit of modification of the wurlitzer, the button hold relay must be removed/disabled


2017 Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU,
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