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Bargraph 101 LED display HDSP8820 and AVR AT90S8515

Not really a schematic, but just my fast hand drawn sketch to keep memory of how it's all connected.

The HDSP-8820 has 10x10 muxed LEDS = 100 and then one extra "overload" LED so a total of 101 LED's are located inside this nice unit.

I simply used a piece of VERO board and a good old AVR i found in my drawer.
The crystal was selected by random, what was floating around on the table that day.

SMD mini melf resistors are nice ! and wire wrap with teflon, I love it..

One LED lit up, funny looking LED's I guess they measure 1.2 by 0.2 mm each.

Making a lightshow with one LED back-forward scroll was easy.

Taking a VIDEO CLIP of it is harder.. due to the fast LED speed and lame camera shutter times,
it looks 100 times more cool in real life, what can I say.
Later I want to use the serial port for input data, so I can use it to calibrate and test my ultra sound range sensor system for my robot
The program is written i C using the free GNU C WINAVR compiler, I wrote the source in a hurry, not intended to show anybody,
so don't look at it, it is a mess, but it works so far.

Made: January 2006 - Thomas Scherrer - OZ2CPU - Denmark.